First Muslim woman minister in France

ministerNothing can stop you from achieving your dreams, if you set your mind and put all your efforts towards achieving it,” and to prove that we have the very charming, unstoppable, woman of substance, Najat Belkacem (Najaat Bil Qasim).

By now, you must have heard her name several times, but there are still many things that you must know about this first Muslim woman, and the youngest person ever to become the French Minister of Education.

The very passionate Najat Belkacem, silently reminds us that although dreams and aspirations can be hard to achieve in tough circumstances, but with great determination, possibilities have no limitations.

From a shepherd girl to the French Education Minister, Belkacem is a living example that keeping faith in our children and investing in them in a right way, like in proper education can be rewarding. The France’s Minister of Education and Research, Najat Belkacem is an inspiration to millions who have had poor childhoods but wish to succeed immensely in their careers and life.

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Here are some facts about Najat Belkacem you must know to get some real inspiration for the rest of your lives.

  1. Born in Nador (a small village in the countryside of Morrocco) in 1977, her father was a construction worker in France. Later, he took his family to France with him and that’s when Najat shifted to the suburbs of Amiens in 1982.
  2. After studying hard for years, Najat graduated from the Paris Institute of Political Studies in 2002. Soon after, she joined the Socialist Party and began her fight for citizens’ rights, against discrimination, and housing for all.
  3. With seven siblings, she developed interest in politics from a very tender age. She got married to Boris Vallaud in August 2005, and also became an adviser to the Socialist Party in the same year.
  4. Soon, her handwork paid off and she was chosen as a council woman in Rhone Alpines and stayed in office till 2008. She was later designated as the Council General of the Rhone department. By then, she had strongly set her foothold in politics.
  5. However, a major turn in her life came when she was elected as Minister of Women’s Rights and spokeswoman for the government under president Hollande, in 2012.
  6. Finally, in 2014, Najat was elected as the Minister of Education.

The journey wasn’t easy, but she had no plans to quit either. She decimated every obstacle that came her way and emerged as a winner.

Th fact that Najat herded sheep in her childhood, had an unsound financial status, and came from a different ethnic background and religion, were always easy targets for regressive, sexist and racist remarks. Even now, conservative politicians attack her for her dressing style, call her slurs, objectify her, but she continues to fight as she has never learned to give up.

The historical achievements by an immigrant Muslim woman belonging to a poor Moroccan village, is proof that there are no limits to what one can achieve. It is all about setting your heart in a particular direction, and work to achieve it with diligence.

Merinews salutes Najat Belkacem for her great achievements in life and wishes her further success. Notably, she calls herself as a “non-practicing Muslim.”

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