Woman burns face to convince husband suspecting infidelity.

A woman had defaced her face by burning since her husband suspected her character and used to beat her time and again.

burnThe woman was of amicable nature and mixed with other people easily. This made her husband suspicious of her character. Fed up of this, the woman burnt her face saying “Lo Khatm Kar Li Main Nay Apni Khoobsoorti” (See, I have defaced my beauty).

Nirmal Kumar of Pilibhit had married Rekha a resident of nearby village 6 years ago. Mother of 3 children Rekha used to move out of the house to buy household goods, vegetable etc. In the way, she used to talk intimately to people as courtesy. Gradually, the husband got suspicious of her and started domestic violence against her often.

Whenever, Nirmal found Rekha in happy and jovial mood, his suspicion aggravated and he started beating her. She said to media that she is not characterless. She has taken this extreme step to prove her fidelity.

Meanwhile, doctors said that chances of her regaining original face are remote.

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