Why this ISI agent wants to live in India?

burnt“Hello, I am an ISI agent. But I don’t wish to continue any further and want to remain in India,” a passenger told a help desk at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi Airport on Friday after arriving on an Air India flight from Dubai.

The claim sent the security at Terminal 3 into a tizzy, with intelligence agencies being immediately alerted.

“Instead of heading towards transfer area, from where he had to catch a flight to Kathmandu, he approached the helpdesk. He said that he is an ISI agent and doesn’t want to work anymore. Security agencies and Intelligence Bureau officials were informed and they are interrogating him,” an airport source told HT.

Sources said that there is a possibility that he is lying, but officials are checking his passport details to know where he travelled in the past few months.

PTI identified the man as Muhammad Ahmad Sheikh Muhammad Rafiq, a Pakistani passport holder.

After he approached the counter, the woman staffer quickly informed security officials who detained him.

Officials said he was taken to an undisclosed destination where he was being questioned, reported PTI.

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