Family should treat son and daughter equally: Governor Mrs. Patel

State convention of MP Patidar Samaj Mahila Sangthan held in Ujjain

Bhopal, May 8, 2018 (Abdul Ahad Farhan):   Governor Mrs. Anandiben Patel today said that good works do not go in vain in the society, while addressing state convention of M.P. Patidar Samaj Mahila Sangthan in Ujjain today. Mothers should take care of their health. Give nutritious food to their daughters and get their hemoglobin checked so that future generation should not fall victim of malnutrition. Referring to Beti Bachao – Beti Padao campaign, the Governor said that daughter and son, both in every family should be treated equally. Daughters should be educated like sons and they should be cared equally as son.  Governor Mrs. Patel said that women have an important contribution in physical and mental development of child. Mothers should give Sanskara to their children up to age of eight years. Do not spend unnecessarily in wedding ceremonies. Saving should be used for education of son-daughter and livelihood, so that family and society could be developed. She said that the practice of veil should be stopped in the society. Women should recognise their rights. Gender gap is reducing, she added.  Mrs. Anandiben Patel said that social evils like child marriage should be avoided. Boys and girls should be married only after attaining proper age. Giving an example, she said that she herself stopped marriage of her nephew in minor age. Good works give pain but they should be continued. For prosperity and happiness in the society, we should move ahead by taking resolution and getting united.

State president of M.P. Patidar Samaj Mahila Sangthan Mrs. Pushpa Patidar said that this grand convention has been organised to remove social evils prevailing in the society. She said that Madhya Pradesh is working for woman empowerment through Beti Padao-Beti Padao like many schemes. All should get benefit under the schemes. Former district panchayat president of Ratlam Mrs. Nirmala Shankar Patidar, former MLA of Sabarmati, Ahmadabad of Gujarat, Mrs. Geetaben Patel and former State President and District Panchayat President of Indore, Ms. Kavita Patidar also addressed the convention. Governor Mrs Patel on the occasion released book ‘Kalyani’ published by woman organization.