Herbal park coming up in Ratlam district hospital through Vedic system

Bhopal, June 14, 2018 (Abdul Ahad Farhan):  A cistern-shaped Herbal Garden is being set up in the Government District Hospital, Ratlam as per the Vedic system. Civil Surgeon Dr. Anand Chandelkar conducted a brief research before the construction of the garden on the basis of which a brief model of herbal garden has been prepared. Each sapling in the herbal garden that is coming up in accordance with the natural surroundings will be specifically placed according to Vaastu. Apart from giving special names of the saplings, each sapling has been housed separately so that unfavourable weather conditions do not affect them. The saplings in the garden will be irrigated through drip water irrigation. This will not only ensure adequate water but also check wastage of water. Given the growth of plants, the length and width of the cistern has been determined. When grown up, these trees can be easily transferred to the different place. Arrangements for eating and drinking of birds will also be made in the garden. This will allow the plants to grow easily and help produce a natural environment by use of pollen grains brought from other places.