School education to each child is mutual responsibility of society and government –CM

Chief Minister tells children ‘Padhai ko Banayein Anandayi, Na Dare Na Jhijhkein’

Inaugurates ‘Gift a Book Campaign’ and honours talented students

Bhopal, June 16, 2018 (Muslim Saleem):  Chief Minister Mr. Shivraj Singh Chouhan inaugurated ‘School Chalein Hum Abhiyan 2018’ today. He appealed to the affluent citizens of the society that they should see and ensure that every child of vicinity beside their city and village goes to school. He mentioned that mandatory school education to every child is mutual responsibility of the society and government. Appreciating the innovation made by the School Education Department in study, Mr. Chouhan at a programme organized at local Samanvay Bhavan said that learning should be entertaining. It should not be felt like burden. Every child possesses talent, energy and capability. Hesitation should not be a barrier in children. Hesitation subjugates talent. He told children not to hesitate and feel afraid. While sharing mantra to accomplish great works in life, he told children that they must read value based literature and imbibe it in life. He gave an example of Dharmaraj Yudhishthir and Mahatma Gandhi on the occasion. Mr. Chouhan stated that children have capability to build India and responsibility to refine their capabilities rest with teachers and society both. He assured children that there is no dearth of money for education. He informed that the state government will pay higher education expenses of students who score good marks in class 12h examination.

The CM Mr. Chouhan released magazine “Gullak” and News Paper “Nanhi Qalam Se” published by the children. He also inaugurated portal of ‘Mil Banche Madhya Pradesh’, which will start functioning from August 7. Chief Minister Mr. Chouhan inaugurated ‘Gift a Book Abhiyan’ on this occasion. He presented some books from his personal collection to the Government Utkrashta Uchchatar Madhyamik Vidyalaya.

This campaign is an initiative of the School Education department. This has been launched with an objective to strengthen libraries in schools with cooperation of society. Eminent members of the society will be encouraged to donate books useful for children. Moreover, Mr. Chouhan also inaugurated Professional Learning Community Portal and E-Learning Module, which can be used by teachers and students both.

Minister for School Education Kunwar Vijay Shah said that efforts are being made to ehance quality in education by bringing changes through innovations in school education. Education quality of government schools is constantly increasing. Minister of State for School Education Mr. Deepak Joshi mentioned that changes in school education have come under the guidance of the Chief Minister Mr. Chouhan.