Education is a life-long process – Governor Mrs. Patel

Outstanding teachers honoured at state-level teachers’ felicitation ceremony

Bhopal, September 6, 2018 (Abdul Ahad Farhan):  Governor Mrs. Anandiben Patel said that education is a life-long process, which begins from the mother’s womb. An example of this is Abhimanyu from the Mahabharata. A woman must read good books, think good thoughts and have nutritious food when she is pregnant. This was said by Governor Mrs. Patel at the state-level Teachers’ Felicitation Ceremony held on the occasion of Teachers’ Day today. She also felicitated 44 outstanding teachers of the state with shawl-shriphal and mementos at the felicitation ceremony. The Governor said that the teachers must teach students lessons on morality and give them good culture. Habits of maintaining cleanliness and saving should be developed in children since childhood. This helps them become good citizens.

Children should be taken on visits to tourist sites in the state and the country to enhance their geographical and historical knowledge. Sports and painting material should be made available in schools. She said that the teachers should pay attention to the smallest mistakes of children, only then can education be improved. The Governor said that ‘Gyan’ and ‘Guru’ are incomparable, precious and invaluable.

Apart from the mother, teachers are the ones who are capable to give the right direction to the thoughts of children, the maximum effect of which is seen throughout life. She said that the character and progress of a nation and students depends on teachers. Teachers help us become responsible and good human beings.  School Education Minister Mr. Vijay Shah told the teachers that if they fulfilled their responsibilities honestly, the new generations to come will definitely make the nation proud in the world. He said that the state government’s aim is to take education to new heights.

Minister of State for School Education Mr. Deepak Joshi said that teachers are builders of the nation. Felicitation of teachers is the topmost priority. It is in their leadership that we will be successful in building a golden Madhya Pradesh. General Administration Minister Mr. Lalsingh Arya said that the country will move forward under the guidance of skillful teachers. Principal Secretary School Education Mr. Dipti Mukherji gave the welcome address. Commissioner Public Instructions Mrs. Jaishree Kiyawat proposed the vote of thanks.