To serve patients is like service to humanity: Governor Mrs. Patel

Bhopal, September 29, 2018 (Ataullah Faizan):  The Governor Mrs. Anandiben Patel said that service to patient is paramount because it is like service to humanity. She was addressing the Abhyudaya Samvad held in Rajgarh district on Wednesday. At the meeting of the officers of the District Administration, Health and T.B along with the office bearers of the Red Cross and Voluntary Organisations, Mrs. Patel mentioned that works related to nurturing, treatment and meals etc. by adopting malnourished children are praiseworthy. The Assistant Professor Ms. Abha Anand and Professor Dr. Basanti Moghe adopted the 10 year old Karina and Ku. Vedika respectively during the meeting.

The Governor Mrs. Patel during the visit of the Government Kasturba Gandhi Girls School, which is looking after the 150 girls approximately gathered information from the girls about their education, meals, living conditions and their family. She advised the girls that they should be skilful in every work, which is essential in the life along with the studies.  The Governor instructed that schemes should be result oriented. After giving benefits of the Union and State Government’s schemes, evaluation should be made after a year that what kind of changes have come at the social and family level of the beneficiary.

She further mentioned that this will be more wise condition, if we help people living below the poverty to come out of this category.  The Governor Mrs. Patel inaugurated the ‘One Stop Centre’ (Sakhi) at the District Hospital. She also conducted surprise visit of the children ward of the hospital and gathered information in detail in connection to the illness of all the children from their parents, doctors and nurses. She distributed fruits among the children and instructed the doctors for their proper medical care. The Governor also inaugurated Nariyoday Kendra at the Office of the Superintendent Police during her visit.