Why Malaika Arora-Arjun Kapoor dating rumours bother people?

By Nairita Mukherjee
Arbaaz Khan, 51 — Giorgia Andriani, 29
Malaika Arora, 45 — Arjun Kapoor, 33
Priyanka Chopra, 36 — Nick Jonas, 26
Ranbir Kapoor, 36 — Alia Bhatt, 25
If you are wondering how the above information is a waste of space and utterly irrelevant, take a seat. If you find yourself gawking at the age differences, umm, maybe sit ahead. If you happen to notice that in two of the above instances, we have an older woman-younger man thingy going on, please, take the front row.
The world has woken up to reports of Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor dating, and boy, have they got their insides in a twist.
If recent spotting of the two at fashion shows and then, on the sets of India’s Got Talent wasn’t enough, a picture from their Italian holiday has made jaws drop. They were seen holding hands, walking around in a mall. Malaika has been trolled online to no end ever since these photographs were leaked.
Her fault?
She is allegedly dating a younger man.
In the meantime, Arbaaz Khan has revealed that he’s dating Giorgia Andriani. That she’s considerably younger has perhaps skipped our attention.
Now, it’s one thing when insensitivity comes from nameless, faceless trolls on social media. It’s entirely another when the supposed liberal media choose to use phrases as loaded as ‘tongues wagging’ for Arjun and Malaika while opting for the more direct ones in the case of Arbaaz and Giorgio.
In one of his recent Instagram posts, he asks Malaika if she was alone on the holiday. Why Karan chose to ask Malaika this ‘burning question’, even though he shares a wonderful camaraderie with Arjun Kapoor as well, is beyond me. Perhaps he only wanted to open up a dialogue that’s neither new, nor unique, but definitely important.
A couple of months ago, when reports of Priyanka Chopra dating Nick Jonas surfaced, the Internet had reacted similarly.
Opinions ranged from ‘we don’t know what she saw in him’ to ‘he’s 10 years younger to her.’ The very psyche also reflected in media reports when they decided to run articles about their relationship, and ended up focussing mostly on the age gap.