5 crore 4 lakh 95 thousand 251 voters registered in electoral rolls

Nearly 50 crore worth material and cash seized within 35 days of code of conduct so far: Chief Electoral Officer

Bhopal, November 14, 2018 (Ataullah Faizan):  Chief Electoral Officer Mr. V. L. Kanta Rao said that after imposition of the code of conduct, about 4 lakh litres of illicit liquor worth Rs 9 crore 57 lakh, liquor and drugs and intoxicants worth Rs. 5 crore 45 lakh, illegal gold, silver worth Rs. 7 crore 43 lakh, Rs 20 crore 58 lakh cash of and other material worth Rs.6 crore 39 lakhs has been seized between October 6 and November 10. This way gold and silver, illicit liquor, narcotics and cash worth Rs 50 crore has been confiscated in approximately 35 days. Whereas a seizure of Rs 27 crore 61 lakh was made in the previous assembly election 2013. Mr. Kanta Rao informed that all the candidates have to mention all cases in which criminal cases are pending against them or the faults have been proved in the Form-26 in an affidavit given by the Election Commission of India. All these affidavits have to be published thrice in newspapers and telecast in TV channels on their own expense. The font size should be standard at the time of transmission.

The length of the broadcast should not be less than 7 seconds.  In addition, C-4 and C-5 formats have been given by the Election Commission of India. In the C-4 format, candidates will have to submit the details of the publication and broadcast of the criminal record with the related documents within 30 days with the election expenditure of the District Election Officer or RO and the political parties will have to submit the report in connection with publication and broadcasting within 30 days to the Chief Electoral Officer.

Mr. Rao said that Election Commission has reserved 7 election symbols for 7 recognized national political parties and 10 election symbols for recognized political parties of other states. 84 election symbols are reserved for non-recognized registered political parties on the condition that they will have 5 percent candidates in the fray for the assembly elections.  Chief Electoral Officer said that after imposition of the Code of Conduct, 8 thousand 74 complaints were received in which 7 thousand 115 complaints have been resolved. 1463 complaints have been received on C-Vigil App out of which 1428 complaints have been resolved. Maximum 163 complaints were received from Sagar.

In each assembly constituency, 9 investigating teams are functioning in which 3 permanent, 3 visits and 3 teams will take action on receiving complaints and information. Five crore 4 lakh 33 thousand 79 voters are registered in the electoral rolls for the Assembly Election 2018 in the state which include two crore 63 lakh 1 thousand 300 are male voters, 2 crore 41 lakh 30 thousand 390 female voters and one thousand 389 transgenders. 62 thousand 172 are service voters. In this way total 5 crore 4 lakh 95 thousand 251 voters are included.