Correct interpretation of Preamble is the soul of Constitution: Governor

Constitution Day ceremony organized at Raj Bhavan

Bhopal, November 27, 2018 (Muslim Saleem):  Addressing the gathering at a ceremony organized on the occasion of Constitution Day celebration at Raj Bhavan today, Governor Mrs. Anandiben Patel said that the correct explanation of what has been said in the introduction to the Constitution itself is the soul of the Constitution. He said that there is need for mass movement to make the soul of the Constitution into the soul of the public. The Governor said that the biggest threat to democracy is from identity mania. The Constitution of India is made up of many religions, languages ​​and cultures. The Governor administered oath to the people present in the Constitution to abide by the objectives of the Constitution.

Governor Mrs. Patel said that the views given by all the members of the Constituent Assembly about the Constitution should be published in the form of a book. The Governor said that our country is the first country in the world to give women the right to vote. He said that our Constitution is very flexible and simple. Its biggest feature is that it has given us the responsibility of franchise. By using this we can make a government by choosing our representatives according to our thoughts and outlook.

Mrs. Patel said that we should take all resolve to strengthen the democratic system of our country according to the Constitution. The Constitution is one of the most important epics today for our society. How successful the Constitution will be in creating a just society, does not depend only on its content. For its proper operation, people should have faith in it and should be aware about it. Justice Vaidya Prakash Sharma, Chairman of State Law Commission said that the Constitution given to us by our great men based on their hard work, qualifications and experience, is a historical document.

Despite the political and social ups and downs, our country is moving forward with faith on the path of democracy. Member of Human Rights Commission Mr. Manohar Mamtani, Principal Secretary Law Mr. Satyendra Singh, Secretary to the Governor Mr. D.D. Agarwal and Legal Officer to the Governor Mr. P. Maheshwari also expressed their views. Among those present on the occasion were students, teachers of 11 universities of Bhopal besides employees and officials of Raj Bhavan.