Massive post-victory road show by CM Shri Kamal Nath at Chhindwara

Challenges of farmers, youth and women will now be ours- CM Shri Nath, State government will provide justice to farmers as per the manifesto

Bhopal, 30 December 2018 (Muslim Saleem): Chief Minister by CM Shri Kamal Nath held a massive post-victory at Chhindwara. The road show witnessed huge gathering, hailing victory of Congress party in the state after 15 years under his leadership.
Shri Kamal Nath has won Chhindwara Lok Sabha constituency for 9 times and his Chhindwara model of development has been an example for other states as well.

Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath said that the Madhya Pradesh government will always be ready to work for the protection and development of farmers, youth and women. Their challenges will now be ours. Agriculture based economy will be strengthened in the state. State government is committed to provide more employment to the youth, progress of women and a safe environment. The Chief Minister was addressing a huge thanks-giving meeting in Chhindwara.
Waiver of loan a big decision in the interest of farmers
Chief Minister Shri Nath said that agriculture is the foundation of economy. The farmers will be given the right price for their produce. When the farmer becomes prosperous, the purchasing power will increase and only then will trade increase in villages and cities. He said that by waiving the loans of the farmers, Madhya Pradesh government has made a big decision in their interest. The state government will provide justice to the farmers as per the promises made in the manifesto. The manifesto has been prepared on the basis of ground reality and needs. It includes the all-round development and progress of every individual and every section.
Investors’ faith in state to increase
Chief Minister Shri Nath said that youth will have a major contribution in the development of Madhya Pradesh. Their challenge will be our challenge. He said that youth of the elderly people was spent without internet and TV channels, but today the youth are equipped with internet and new technological developments. Now their hands want work, they need business. Investors’ faith in Madhya Pradesh will increase, new businesses will be introduced and new job opportunities will arise for the youth. He said that the state government will work with the right approach to change challenges to development, prosperity and progress. Thanking the public of Chhindwara along with the citizens of the state, Shri Nath said that the people had showered their love and total faith in him 40 years ago which continues even today.
Chhindwara district has gone a long way in the journey of development
Chief Minister Shri Nath said that in the last 40 years Chhindwara has gone a long way in the journey of development. Earlier there were no roads, highways, rail lines, but today they exist. Residents of Patlakot region used to wear limited clothes earlier, today the youth here wear jeans. Now electricity, water and hospital is available here. Earlier there were no industries in Chhindwara, today there are no shortage of industries. There are a series of training institutes for establishing youth in employment and to develop their skills. Such a facility is not available in any one district in the whole world. Shri Nath said that the strength and power that the citizens of the state have given him, is not only for Chhindwara but for the entire state and for the all-round development of every citizen. It is for the creation of a new history of Madhya Pradesh.
Among those who expressed their views during the meeting were Public Health Engineering Minister Shri Sukhdev Panse, MLA Sarvashri Deepak Saxena, Vijay Chourey, Nilesh Uike, Sohanlal Valmiki, Sunil Uike, Kamlesh Shah and Sujit Choudhury. MLAs of Seoni and Betul district, other public representatives, a large number of villagers from far-flung areas and local citizens were present at the meeting.

‪मान. कमलनाथ जी का पहली बार छिन्दवाड़ा पहुँचने पर पहला संदेश :‬

‪मैं यहाँ उम्मीदवार बनकर आया, मैं यहाँ सांसद बनकर आया, मैं यहाँ केन्द्रीय मंत्री बनकर आया और आज मप्र का मुख्यमंत्री बनकर आया हूँ।‬

‪छिन्दवाड़ा की जनता के लिये मेरे मन में प्रेम, श्रद्धा, सम्मान और लगाव हमेशा रहा है।‬