C.M. Shri Kamal Nath launches Jai Kisan Crop Loan Waiver Scheme, 55 lakh farmers to benefit

Bhopal : January 15, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): The Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath has said that the farm based economy of Madhya Pradesh can not be strengthened without financially strengthening the farming community. Agricultural sector is the foundation of economy.
Launching the Jai Kisan Crop Loan Waiver Scheme here today, the Chief Minister said that 55 lakh farmers will get benefit of waiving the debts amounting to Rs 50 thousand crore. He said that the scheme will be a milestone in the history of Madhya Pradesh.

With the formal launch, the process of waiving debts has begun across the state. He received loan waive applications from ten farmers to formally start the process, which will be over by February 5.

Strengthening Farmers: The Chief Minister said that Jai Kisan Crop Loan Waive Scheme is a step to financially strengthen the farmers adding that it is dedicated to the entrepreneurship of farmers. He said that it is a big investment in agriculture sector. He said that the State can not make progress unless the farmers are stronger in the farm -based economy. He said that in the last two decades, the children of farmers have received good education. Some are engineers. They also need employment. The priority is job creation for the youth.

Shri Kamal Nath said that investment creates jobs and investment is attracted by faith and trust. It is not possible to create employment opportunities without having huge investment. He said that the State will witness investments. The Chief Minister thanked all the officers involved in the implementation of Jai Kisan Crop Loan Waive Scheme.
The Chief Minister said that the markets do well only when farmers have purchasing power. He said that this scheme respects the hard work of the farmers. He said that it is worrisome if farmers are born in debt, live and die in debt. Now the government will strengthen them.
Responding to the doubts expressed by the opponent BJP about budget for the scheme and Govt’s stability, the Chief Minister said that the BJP do not need to worry about the budget. He said that the people raising such doubts have zero knowledge of budget.
Shri Kamal Nath said that Madhya Pradesh has to compete in respect of investment attraction. He said that Madhya Pradesh unlike other states does not have geographical advantages. Therefore it has to frame its investment policy.
Minister for Public Relations Shri P.C. Sharma said that the government’s debt waiver scheme is a historic step to help the farmers. He said that lacs of farmers are expressing gratitude to the Chief Minister.
On this occasion, MLA Shri Arif Masood and representatives of farmers’ groups were present.