Jeelani Bano (by Muslim Saleem)

Jeelani Bano  (1936) is one of the foremost Urdu writers today. She has written short stories, novels, radio-plays, screenplays, stage plays, essays and children’s stories. She has published two novels, seven collections of short stories, two collections of novelettes and one translation of Malayalam stories from Hindi. She deals with social and cultural oppression, bonded labour, poetry, powerlessness, the stress of urban life, and the suffering of women. Her short stories have been translated into many Indian and foreign languages. Awarded the Padma Shri in 2001, she lives in Hyderabad, lectures and travels extensively. She is Principal Advisor, Child & Women Human Rights, International Human Rights Association (India). She has recorded, on 13 audio cassettes, Dakani Urdu, as spoken by a cross-section of people, belonging to different age-groups, classes, professions in and around the city of Hyderabad. Her awards include: 1.  Ghalib Award  2. Dosheeza Award (Pakistan)  3. Soviet Land Nehru Award (Moscow)