Farmers fill loam waiver forms under Minister Smt. Imarti Devi’s guidance

Bhopal : January 16, 2019 (Ataullah Faizan): Women and Child Development Minister Smt. Imarti Devi launched the Jai Kisan Crop Loan Waiver Scheme at Kariavati village of Dabra block in Gwalior district on Wednesday. She gave information to the farmers about the scheme and encouraged them to reap benefits.
Smt. Imarti Devi made the farmers fill the application forms under the scheme and also gave them receipt. She instructed the officials so that the scheme could be implemented in a proper manner. No eligible farmer should remain deprived of the scheme. Information about the scheme should reach the farmers and they should be made to fill the application forms on time.
Smt. Imarti Devi said that the farmers are being made to submit their applications in the gram panchayats under the scheme. Names of farmers with aadhar seeded loan accounts are in the green list. Names of farmers with non-aadhar seeded loan accounts are in the white list. Farmers whose names are not in both the lists and they wish to apply, they can fill pink forms.