CM at IAS officers meet: Conservation of diversity is biggest challenge

Bhopal : January 18, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath today inaugurated the three-day IAS Officers Meet at the Convention Centre. He said to the officers that the implementation of schemes as per the needs of the needy is the need of the hour today. He said that there is a big difference between success and satisfaction. The success of obtaining a post is not the basis for satisfaction. Satisfaction comes from successful results. Success can be retained till one holds a post whereas satisfaction lasts forever.

Conservation of diversity the biggest challenge

CM Shri Nath said that the entire world looks up to India for its powerful unity in diversity and not for its economic or defence power. Our biggest quality is our tolerance which has been prevailing since the times of Chandragupta and Ashoka. He said that we should all be proud that we are citizens of a country where there are diverse religions, castes, traditions and languages. There is no other country like India in the world. Our attire also changes with the geographical changes. Our diversity is our strength. He said that its conservation is the biggest challenge today.

Commitment and dedication must for Nav-Nirman

Shri Kamal Nath said that the need of the hour is to build a new-state and country along with the challenges of the rapidly changing world. We have to be committed and devoted for this. He said that the expectations of the general public have also changed along with the changes in the form of service. NATO’s appearance on the global level has changed. Movements such as non-alignment are no longer discussed. He said the country has adopted these changes with expertise. The challenge before us is how we see and accept global changes? Shri Nath said that today the biggest responsibility before the officers is to take the country-state forward along with the new changes. We must think on how to make changes and improvements in governance. He said that the state’s future depends on this fact.

Shri Nath said that the world scenario is fast changing and we are changing accordingly. He said that he had given his first address in year 1992 at Lal Bahadur Shastri Academy of Administration, Mussoorie. About 6-7 years later he went to the academy again and he got to see a major change in the faculty, trainees and subject matter there. In the year 1992, no one would talk about topics like technique and information technology in the Academy. He said that I witnessed similar changes in the probationer officers of Administrative Services in a meeting with them recently. There are many engineers and doctors among them. This did not happen 20 years back. There is a difference in the age group of the officers.

Officers’ Meet a good initiative

The Chief Minister said that the officers meet is a good initiative as it will give an opportunity to the senior and junior officers to meet in an informal environment. He said the Indian Administrative Service is the most comprehensive and diverse profession in which the extension of work area is more compared to other services. The Administrative Service officer gets the experience of serving in different working areas throughout his service period whereas this is not so in other services.

Knowledge of global issues must: CS Shri Mohanty

Chief Secretary Shri S.R. Mohanty told the officials will have to change their outlook. Junior officers can benefit from the experiences of seniors. Administrative decisions should be taken at the district level. Senior officials should also extend support in the decision-making of subordinate officers of the district. Shri Mohanty said that today also the responsibility is the same but the response time has reduced. He said that officials must have the knowledge of global issues. The Chief Secretary said that it is essential for a team leader to extend full support and assistance to the team. He extended best wishes for the successful activities of the meet.

President of I.A.S. Association Smt. Gauri Singh said that the cultural activities, sports programmes organized during the meet will be good for the officers and their mutual brotherhood and understanding. President of the Meet Organising Committee Shri Pankaj Agarwal gave details of the activities undertaken during the meet. He said that several programmes including cultural programme, indoor-outdoor games, antakshari and quiz will be organized for the Meet Association members and their families in the coming two and a half days. Address on contemporary issues and panel discussion to understand each other’s thoughts are also being organized.