M Kamal Nath shows sensitiveness again

Reinstates suspended teacher, who made objectionable comment on MP Shri Rahul Gandhi
Bhopal : January 29, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): The Chief Minister Shri Kamal while setting up an example of sensitiveness again gave directives for reinstating of the suspended teacher, who made an objectionable comment on social media against the Member of Parliament Shri Rahul Gandhi. Shri Nath had also got the suspension of the teacher of Jabalpur revoked in the past, who made the objectionable remark against him.

CM Shri Kamal Nath said that although he had no right to grant pardon to the teacher of Alot, who made the objectionable remark against Shri Rahul Gandhi, but it is his policy to do politics of love not hate. Owing to this policy, I had given instructions to withdraw the action taken against the teacher of Jabalpur. The same policy has been followed by me in this case. The Chief Minister said that Shri Rahul Gandhi has pardoned all the opponents, who criticised him and made statement, objectionable remarks against him. Shri Rahul Gandhi says that their abusive statements against me makes me stronger and help me gain self-confident more. It was not proper for the government to take action, contrary to the perception of Shri Rahul Gandhi, he added.

Moreover, Shri Kamal Nath asserted that freedom of expression does not mean that people insult and disrespect others. He further mentioned that he is in favour of freedom of expression but it should be followed under the limit of dignity and honour then only it becomes a medium of healthy democracy.

CM Shri Nath said that instructions have been issued to the Collector Ratlam that the suspension of Shri Baleshwar Patidar, the teacher of the Government Primary School, Talot village of Alot block, who have made objectionable comment on social media against Shri Rahul Gandhi should be revoked immediately,.