Seer, others hail CM’s decision to open Goushalas

Bhopal : January 30, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath was blessed by Acharya Shri Vidya Sagar Maharaj for his decision to open one thousand Gou-Shalas for homeless cow progeny. Brahamchari Behen Dr .Neelam Jain, Sushri Rekha Jain and Shri Prayesh Kumar Jain met Chief Minister today and gave a message of Acharya Shri.
Acharya Shri Vidya Sagar in his blessing message expressed happiness that this decision will protect and provide shelter to homeless cows. He described this decision of the Chief Minister as inspirational. Moreover, Acharya Shri has also invited Chief Minister in an inaugural programme of special training cell made for the prisoners in Sagar Jail.
The Chief Minister’s decision for opening Gou-Shalas for homeless cow progeny has been widely appreciated across the state. Initiative of the Chief Minister has brought a ray of hope in operators of Gou-Shalas that cow progeny could be protected in better manner in the state.
Laudable Initiative: Mahant Swami Rishabh Devanand- Shri Krishnayan Sanstha Gwalior
Mahant Swami Rishabh Devanand of Shri Krishnayan Sanstha, which is taking care of 7 thousand cow progeny at the Gou-Shala of the Municipal Corporation, Lal Tipara of Gwalior said that the initiative of the Chief Minister is laudable. He suggested that arrangement of Gochar should be made to protect cow progeny and also dedicated Sants should be linked in this activity, then only the Chief Minister will be able to complete his Gou-Shala Project.
Positive initiative with good thinking-Ravi Sethi, Operator Ahilya Mata Gou-Shala, Indore
Ravi Sethi, the operator of Ahilya Mata Gou-Shala of Indore said that he has been working since last several years with a feeling of service towards cow conservation and in the field of cow dung products. The step taken by the Chief Minister for cow conservation and homeless cows is positive initiative with good thinking. The Ahilya Mata Gou-Shala will give full cooperation in this campaign.
Efforts to protect cow progeny will bear fruitful results-Uttam Yadav Radha Rani Gou-Shala, Chhatarpur
Shri Uttam Yadav, the operator of Radha Rani Gou-Shala in Sapan Patti village of Gram Panchayat Kurra Patti- Chhatarpur District said that this decision of the Chief Minister will not only bear fruitful result in cow conservation but will protect cow progeny too. Shri Yadav informed that his society comprising 11 people are taking care of 30-35 cows currently.