Minister Shri Verma: Wake up to climate change ill effects to save World

Bhopal : February 2, 2019 (Ataullah Faizan): Environment and Public Works Minister Shri Sajjan Singh Verma has said that if we fail to understand the consequences of climate change even at this juncture, the world will have to face a situation of World War III over water. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to pay special attention to water conservation. The Environment Minister was addressing the inaugural session of the workshop on ‘Wetlands and Climate Change’ in the EPCO premises here today. He gave away prizes to the school and college student who took part in the drawing competition and the participants of the open quiz contest.
Minister Shri Verma said that Wetland is useful in many ways. Wetland is actually a part of lake, river, pond, reservoir, dam and moist river and sea coast. It prevents water from being polluted. Wetland is extremely important in terms of climate change as it absorbs ground water and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. He said that our culture and education has given us method to nurture and conserve water. It is unfortunate that our water resources are getting destroyed and polluted day by day. We all are responsible for this to some extent. Shri Verma said that we should take the responsibility to protect and restore the essential water resources. He said that water resources are the base of human life and are our valuable natural heritage.
If the resources that save water are destroyed, then other lives will also be lost along with human life. He said that the guidelines issued in the direction of the Central Government’s environment and water conservation in Madhya Pradesh will be followed positively. Every effort will be made to preserve the water resources at the state level. Shri Verma appreciated EPCO’s efforts to develop Wetland Inventory and portal.
Principal Secretary Environment Shri Anupam Rajan told that climate change has affected our agriculture system. Its effects are apparent on the GDP of several countries also. He told that the plan of wetland protection in the urban ponds in the state is in progress. The state government is bearing 40 percent amount currently in the schemes approved from the central government.
EPCO Executive Director Shri Jitendra Singh Raje told that EPCO organized public awareness programmes based on wetlands and climate change this year also on the occasion of Wetland Day in which school and college-going students took part. He told that the State Wetland Authority, EPCO has prepared digital inventory and web portal after preparing a list of wetlands bigger than 2.25 hectare situated in the state on the basis of figures obtained from ISRO, Ahmedabad and MAP-IT, Bhopal. The digital inventory shows that there are 15 thousand 152 wetlands in Madhya Pradesh of over 2.25 hectare area. This is total 1.74 percent of the total area. After completing the entire process the proposal of the notification is being sent to the state government.
Former Vice Chancellor of Barkatullah University, Bhopal Dr. Ramprasad and Professor Pradeep Shrivastava of Environment Science were also present during the programme.