Chitrakoot kidnapping: BJP govt in UP should resign: Law Minister PR Sharma

Bhopal, 24 February 2019: The miscreants who On February 12 kidnapped the twin sons of the oil trader from the school bus in Chitrakoot ater killed them. Their bodies were found in the Banda district of Uttar Pradesh. After the incident was exposed, the state law minister has said that the BJP government in Uttar Pradesh should resign. Chief Minister Kamal Nath spoke to the father of deceased children on the phone.
PC Sharma said that joint operation of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh Police was going on. Crime has happened in Uttar Pradesh. This is the failure of the BJP Government there. Six people have been arrested. The case will be played in the fast track court.
He said that the Uttar Pradesh government should resign. Congress leader JP Dhonopia said that this incident happened due to the BJP government for 15 years in the state. The crime had soared that it was difficult to control them over two months. The state government has nothing to do with it, the whole case is from Uttar Pradesh, there is BJP government.
who said what:
Chief Minister Kamal Nath expressed grief over the killing of kidnapped children. Considering the children’s father Brajesh Rawat talking on the phone. Simultaneously, the criminals who assassinated the innocent people will be punished severely.
Former Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that Madhya Pradesh, called the island of peace, became the continent of crime within two months. Today the mind is very sad, the sensations are with the children of the family.
Leader of Opposition Gopal Bhargava tweeted that the state government and administration failed 12 days after the hijacked twin boys of Chitrakoot were freed from kidnappers and ultimately those schoolchildren were brutally assassinated. But the state government is in transfers, administrative vacancies and chaos have been spreading gruesome. Two industries are running in the state. Abductions and transfers, if the government wants, can also call the Investor Summit of these two entities.
Former Home Minister Bhupendra Singh has condemned the failure of the Madhya Pradesh government. Former Home Minister Bhupendra Singh has said that the Madhya Pradesh government has not made serious efforts to rescue the kidnapped children. The incident of the killing of innocent children is painful and painful. After the formation of the Congress government in the state, the crime is increasing all over and the law system is outside the control of the government which is worrying.