Vehicles with BJP and Bajrang Dal flags used inChitrakoot kidnapping; this is the main accused

Bhopal: Feb 24, 2019: At Satna, Rewa IG Chanchal Shekhar adressed a press conference in connection with the murder of twin brothers kidnapped from Chitrakoot. He told that the car that was carrying the children had flags of BJP and Bajrang Dal. The main accused of the gang is Padam Shukla, whose brother is a convener of the Bajrang Dal.
The IG said that after kidnapping, children were kept in Chitrakoot for a few days. After this it was placed at four different places. The two vehicles used to transport children were flagged by BJP and Bajrang Dal. That is why the accused did not have problems in taking the children away from there.
Four days after the incident, both the children were kept at different places. The IG said that the ransom was taken from the family of Rs 20 lakhs. The kidnappers were demanding a ransom of a person and he doubted the photograph of his bike from the mobile. From the number of the bike, the police traced him.
The accused went in the vehicle carrying the flag of the BJP.
Relations with the leaders of Master Mind: Mastermind Padam Shukla is being told close to BJP. According to sources, the accused BJP is close to Mahanand Chandra Shekhar Dwivedi. Also, he is considered to be close to some RSS leaders too.
The accused on Facebook, Padam Kant Shukla, posted photos with the local BJP leaders and RSS leaders of UP, MP, Chitrakoot. The accused was also in touch with the Bahubali Raja Bhaiya of UP. Due to the conservation of the big leaders, local police did not hand over Padam Shukla.