Minister Imarti Devi embarrased by Anganwadi Sahayaka over Minister’s own ‘education

Shivpuri . The Women and Child Development Department organized an active dialogue on Sunday. In this, Anganwadi activists and assistants from the department’s minister Imti Devi asked questions and answers. During this time, Imtari Devi came to the discussion once more about her education. Sapna Gurjar, a subsidiary of Dumduma Anganwadi Center, asked the minister that we get an honorarium worth 5000 rupees, not even on time. Whereas DPO gets higher wages.
Talking about the high wages the minister said that the minister has seen the DPA’s education. Seeing this, the Assistant also asked the Minister Emrimati Education. This made ministers angry. Summer did not say education, but it definitely said that Manade is falling short, go away, any other woman will need it, she will work. It may be said that even after the Chief Minister’s message was not read in Gwalior on January 26, Imtari Devi came to discuss about her studies.
Dialogue beteen Minister and Sahayika
Sahayika: You are saying that unless we get the money, we will not even give the DPO. They get more money from us, we get 5 thousand rupees. How will we run the house with such a low salary?
Minister: If we give you honorarium equivalent to the DPO, then you will say give pay equal to the collector.
Sahayika: It does not matter.
Minister: It is a matter of fact. Have seen the DPA’s education.
Sahayika: Minister, you are asking us, what is your own education?
Minister: If you are falling short then qui the. Any other woman will replace you. You should get a new job and start earning good salary .