BJP leadership is cut off from grassroots: CM Kamal Nath at India Rising Summit

New Delhi: Taking a jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for providing farmers a meagre incentive of Rs 6,000 annually under the PM KISAN scheme, Madhya Pradesh chief minister Kamal Nath said the voters of this country were smart to understand that the move has come just two months before the Lok Sabha elections.
Speaking at a session titled ‘Matters of States’ at the News18 Network’s Rising India Summit 2019, Nath said, “Farmers are being given Rs 6,000 annually per year and that too, in three installments, though they were promised Rs 15 lakh.”
“Do you think the farmer of this country is stupid that he will fall for this meagre amount?” Nath asked. Talking about the announcement of farm loan waiver in Madhya Pradesh, Nath said 25 lakh farmers will be relieved of their debts in the next 10 days
CM Kamal Nath said that what does it mean to send 2 thousand rupees to farmers 2 months before the elections? Do you think the farmers of this country are fools? The problem of farmers is due to ‘distress’, not because of ‘axcess’.
CM Kamal Nath said how many cabinet ministers have gone to rural India or how many have contested? Our market is dependent on agriculture. The economy of this country is strong only from agriculture. 70% of the population of Madhya Pradesh depends on agriculture. BJP’s leadership is cut off from the ground.
CM Kamal Nath said that grocery shops run because of farmers, agricultural sector runs many economic activities in the country.
Even on the salary of a man working at the grocery store, the impact of the farmer’s ability to buy is affected.CM Kamal Nath said that the farmer is born in debt and dies only in debt, farmers die in India more than in Africa.
In response to the question asked about farmers, CM Kamal Nath said that the farmer is born in debt and dies in debt, the relief is the biggest thing to do.