Over 30 thousand farmers can get benefit of Rs 50 crores

Bhopal, February 26, 2019 (Ataullah Faizan): The Kamal Nath government can also give benefits to the Bhavnatar Yojana after loan forgiveness to the farmers. The previous government was giving Rs 500-500 per quintal incentive money to Soyabean and Mecca. Just before the Lok Sabha election, the government can announce at least the same amount, according reports coming from Khargon.
Throughout the state, the Indian Farmers Union has demanded from the government to maintain the transition plan. Two days later the state cabinet meeting is going to be held. Agriculture and Farmer Welfare Department has informed the district headquarters about the sale of maize and soyabean produce from October to date till now. During this time more than 30 thousand farmers of the district have sold the produce. If minimum 500 rupees quintal is available then the farmers of the district will get the benefit of more than 50 crores. However it will be decided only after the meeting of the cabinet. Information from district headquarters to Tuesday is to be sent. There may be a meeting of the cabinet on Wednesday.
Bhakishan demands the government to uphold the Bhavnath Yojana
Farmers sold corn in grain market.
Kamal Nath took over the warning of former Chief Minister
Last month, Agriculture Minister Sachin Yadav had trolled for tweeting about the change of plan. Former Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan had opposed. He had written a letter to Chief Minister Kamal Nath and warned of the agitation to stop the plan. After the pressure, Kamal Nath, after handling the matter, had indicated that the scheme was not closed.
Preparation of Counter-war of Central Government
Congress wants to persuade farmers before the Lok Sabha elections. He is in the process of taking votes of farmers after the debt waiver. On Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Kisan Mahan Nidhi Yojna, organized in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. The scheme will be deposited in the account of farmers directly in every 6 thousand rupees every 3 years. It will benefit farmers having agriculture land of up to five acres. The government can give relief to the farmers more than relief from the central government’s relief to remove it.
2.82 lakh quintals have been purchased
The district has been purchased from 20th October to 25th February 2019. In this 12 thousand 137 farmers have sold soybean. Soyabean procured 2 lakh 82 thousand 609 quintals in Anaj Mandi. Its flat incalculable incentive amount is 12 million 1 million 900 rupees. While 18 thousand 435 farmers sold 8 lakh 47 thousand 500 quintals of maize. Its flat incarnationary incentive is Rs.338 crore 13 lakhs 76 thousand 110 rupees. Over 30 thousand 500 farmers of Maize and Soyabean are getting more than 50 crore 14 lakh.