“Drunkard” parrots, destroying opium crop in Neemuch

Neemuch (Madhya Pradesh): In order to save crops from these parrots, addicted to drugs, the farmer is monitoring the farm throughout the day
Neemuch Farmers who cultivate opium in Neemuch district of Madhya Pradesh are troubled by addicted Parrots these days. Parrots living in the area are chasing their opium crop. Farmers are patronizing them in their fields day and night to destroy them. The parrots break the opium’s doda cake with the help of beak and carry it with them.
People are not aware that these parrots have become accustomed to addiction or some other matter. Parrots have become a major challenge for opium-producing farmers. These abusers are working to consume large quantities of crops by eating pigeons of poppy husk. Explain that by applying an incision in the night of opium, the drug comes out as milk, which becomes thicker until morning.
The troubled farmer explains, ‘We play drums to break the parrots and burn firecrackers so that the birds scared and run away. We keep an eye on them at night also. We do not know whether these birds are addicted to addiction or something else. “Experts say that the food pots of birds are different so they digest addiction.
Opium farmers complain that the area has been destroyed due to their crops; a farmer says, “we beat drums & burst firecrackers to scare them.” We keep a watch on them in night as well. Do not know if they ‘ve got addicted to it or something else’.