Tuition teacher planned kidnapping of twins in Chitrakoot

Satna / Chitrakoot, February 26, 2019 (Ataullah Faizan): Behind the ruthless murder of Priyash and Shreyash of 6 years, it was their tuition teacher who taught tuition to children. Businessman Brajesh Rawat had four children. Priyash and Srejash were students of LKG. Everyone was taught tuition by Ramkesh Yadav. For this reason, he got mixed with the family. During this time, he also found out the financial condition of the family. After this, he told the cousin Pintu that the Rawat family had a lot of money and after this, Kidnapping of children was planned.
Brother did contact the mastermind of the incident
– When teacher told his brother Pintu about the financial condition of the Rawat family, both of them made plans that if children were kidnapped, a lot of money would be available. After this, Pintu made a conspiracy by contacting Padam Shukla. Padam’s younger brother Vishnukant is the regional coordinator of the Bajrang Dal. Padam has created a gang of 6 people. Everyone was given different jobs and thus kidnapping of children in a planned manner. Tutus Teacher Ramkesh was the most important link.
Fatherless father says – convicts get punished soon
– After the killing of the children, the family is in bad condition. The helpless father said that I had given ransom. Even after this, the boys were stabbed to death by tying hands and feet. All the culprits should be punished quickly. The killers have no right to live in this society. My children’s sacrifices should not be useless.
Born together – together with death
– Priyesh and Sreation were born together. The murder of both of them also happened together and then the funeral too. The criminals said in the interrogation that after sticking to the children in the car, they tied their arms and legs with iron chains. Then put stones in the mosquito net and tied it to the children’s waist and threw them into the river. Criminals also told that as long as the children were safe, both used to play games on mobile. The children were kept mobile and they were given mobile for not insisting.
Such happenings
12 February: On returning from the school bus, the accused kidnapped the children from the school bus on gun point.
14th February: The accused called for ransom call.
February 20: There is a demand for ransom from the phone of a rascar. On this day, the ransom amount was passed by Brajesh.
February 21: The miscreants phoned and said, “There will be children near Bharatkop.
February 22: The MP police reached an accused.
February 23: With the help of an accused, the police arrested the rest of the police. All 6 accused came in the grip. This shows that the children have been murdered.