CM Kamal Nath declares 164 colonies of Indore as legal during first visit after becoming CM

Bhopal, February 26, 2019 (Ataullah Faizan):  Prior to the assembly elections, the action taken against the regularization of the illegal colonies was done by the former Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan and in 50 days there was talk of legalizing the colonies, they were not able to do so at that time, but now the Congress government will definitely do this Will take advantage of
Although earlier it was 99, which has now increased to 164. Kamal Nath, who is came to Indore for the first time after becoming the Chief Minister, declared 164 Colonies valid on Tuesday. The corporation is also issuing notification for this. However, no single disputed colony has been taken in it, nor is there such big illegal colonies that the officers have to make the rounds of Lokayukta, EOW.
The preparations for the announcement of the CM’s announcement were held in the Municipal Colony Cell late on Monday night. Earlier 169 colonies were included in this declaration, but objections were raised at five, but due to this they removed the list of the 164 finalists. However, these were not authorized signatures till the news was written. The colonies which have been taken in the legal list have been formed on private land. There is somewhere between 100 and one thousand houses. Although some of the major illegal colonies are out of the list, including Chandan Nagar, Azad Nagar.
These are also kept out of the list: Colonies such as the famous illegal colonies of the city, Sampath Farm, Sampat Avenue, Tulsi Nagar, Gurukul palm, Sunsine Farm, Ayodhya Puri have been excluded from the regularization list.
Those who will be regular, will also have to pay development fee: In case of corporation officers, the colonies which have been included in the regular list, houses have got 90%. However, residents of these colonies have to pay development fee. If they do not have the time, whenever they will get the registry or apply for loan, they will have to pay the development fee first.