6 of a family killed in car mishap in Dewas

Dewas, February 27, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): There is a case of death of six people of the same family in a painful road accident here. According to the information, all the car riders were returning from a wedding ceremony. Then the Alto car collided with a bridge near Khaggaon and went into the ditch. It is being told that due to the speed of the car this accidents happened due to which the passengers were killed and some were injured.
Negligence of doctors is also coming in front
The incident happened when the Jaiswal family of Khataagoh was returning from marriage. On receiving the information of the incident, Dial 100 reached the spot, with the help of local people, took them out and dispatched them to the hospital. Be told
It is being said that 2 out of the people brought to the hospital had a head injury. Because of the injury, they needed to be stitched, but the doctors there referred him to Indore without doing so. The condition of one has remained fragile.