Girl friend comes from Mumbai and prevents BF’s marriage with another girl, becomes his wife

(Madhya Pradesh), February 27, 2019 (Ataullah Faizan):. Ayesha had come from Mumbai to meet her boyfriend Shakir alias Imran, on Tuesday. After the social panchayat, Qazi asked Ayesha and Imran to marry each other three times and asked them to accept this marriage. Both said Kubool-Kubool. Now the young woman is staying here with the youth’s grandmother.
Shakir alias Imran Khan, a resident of Nuh Abdulpura ward number of goah, has a hair salon in Thane, Mumbai. On this salon, Ayesha Firoz Maman, a resident of Kolibada, Mumbai, was working as receptionist for the last five-six months. At the same time both of them got intimate. Meanwhil the marriage of Shakir was fixed with girl of Gonda near Lucknow. He got quietly there. This was known to Aisha. The girlfriend on Monday came looking for Shakir.
After reaching Gohad police station, she told TI Ramesh Shakya the whole thing and she reached Shakir’s house with the police. There his wedding preparations going on. After police and social pressure, there were Panchayats of society overnight. After this, on Tuesday evening at around 4 pm, Ayesha and Shakir married ay Mehraw Khan’s house. Also, 41 thousand coins of Maihar ritual are also fixed. Now Ayesha is here with Shakir with his grandmother.
It is being told that Shakir’s procession was to go to Lucknow on 27th February. Shakir’s friendship was on Facebook, from the girl who was about to be married to him. Later this relationship was approved by both the people of the house. But suddenly Aisha went into the middle and after the social panchayat Shakir had to marry him. On the same day, the Gohad Police gave this information to the girl who had to marry Shakir from Lucknow.

The family said, Shakira was already married, but she was already married
Shekhir, a resident of Gohad, has four brothers, one of which was lost to Pinku one year ago. During the social panchayat, Shakir’s family members also tried to talk that Shakir’s marriage has already been decided by his brother’s wife. But Ayesha did not believe and remained firm on the insistence of marrying Shakir.