Suspected men spotted doing Vidography near Gwalior’s Maharajpura airbase, search being made

Gwalior Videography by a suspect near Maharajpura airbase in the city has been spotted on Monday. Its CCTV video footage is getting viral. The suspect was doing videography of public and crowded areas of the city. When the people stopped, then the suspect fled. People have complained to the police. The police has also been looking for the suspect. Also, information is given to the security agencies.
In fact, to revenge for the victims of the Pulwama, the Indian Air force entered the Pakistani air force on Tuesday and destroyed Jaish’s terrorist bases. Mirage-2000 fighter jets were used in this attack. These fighter flew from Gwalior’s Maharajpura airbase. Since then, the safety of Maharajpura airbase has been tightened.