Sanchi Stupa glitters with colours as Light & Sound Show launched

Bhopal, March 2, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): Light and sound show will was launched at Sanchi on March 1. This event was witnessed in the presence of Tourism Minister Surendra Singh Baghel and Minister Harsh Yadav, School Education Minister Dr Prabhu Ram Chaudhari. Giving this information, Hariranjan Rao, Principal Secretary Tourism said that, this is the seventh light and sound show programme and in total six tourism sites, light and sound show has already been launched.
In the world heritage site, Sanchi light and sound show will reflect on Stupas showcasing life facets of Emperor Ashoka. Besides, Gautam Buddha’s principles and its history will also be showcased. The main objective of the programme is to inform about importance of heritage sites and also, to imbibe Buddha’s contribution to the society and how it is relevant in present scenario, especially to the youngsters. The show will start by 7 pm and is expected to play as in infotainment medium to inform national and international tourists about the Sanchi world heritage site.
Rao said that, the purpose of this programme was to bring the history and importance of this historical city to tourists, especially to familiarise the new generation, Besides this, there was no place for any kind of entertainment and time spent after sunset to tourists who had come to Sanchi first and now, with the launch of the show, foreign tourists and locals will also be entertained with interesting facts. After 7:00 pm, sound and light programmes will be operated for tourists and locals in Sanchi, especially so that the ambience of the heritage site can be maintained without disturbing the tranquility and peace of religious tourists.
It has to be mentioned that Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation’s (MPSTDC) focus to develop advance infrastructures like introduction of QR codes, which would replace paper broachers, is in pipeline to facilitate the international tourist who visit with religious sentiments. Apart from Sanchi, most of the Buddhist tourists visit nearby places like Satdhara and focus is also given on the roads, which lead to this site, which needs to be constructed. The other stupas, mainly Sonari, Andher and Murelkhurd, are not directly connected by motorable roads and are located amidst jungle, hills and streams. Every year, Sanchi Festival is also organised to bring around 150 Sri Lankan tourists every year and also, from Singapore besides good number of international tourist from other places like Japan,Thailand and Korea,Taiwan and occasionally from China.