Deputy Commissioner Commercial Tax’s wife commits suicide

Indore: Deputy Commissioner of Commercial Tax Dipak Kumar Shrivastav’s wife Ranjana Shrivastav, living in the city’s posh Shalimar Palmers Colony, committed suicide by hanging in her own house on Saturday evening.
Before suicide, she also called her husband in the evening and even informed him about suicide. But the husband explained to him a lot on the phone and asked to stay till his arrival.
At the time of the incident, her 14-year-old son was playing the game by putting earphones on his mobile at home.
Husband had become untimely: According to information from family sources, Ranjana’s husband Deepak had a few problems three days ago and he was not talking to her for two days. This was the reason for the depression too. Before the death, she caressed the son when he got busy in the mobile and went to the room and ended her life.
Police also got a suicide note placed on the table in which she wrote that ‘I am a bit crazy, my desire to live is over. Husband and children should not be blamed. Do not bother anyone. I am going to God’s house.