Minister Shri Sisodiya takes to task lax labour officer

Vidisha | Labour Minister Mahendra Singh Sisodia, who came to the closing ceremony of the ongoing cricket competition at SATI College, took to task a labor officer.
At first, when the Labour Minister rebuked the Labor Officer for standing with hands in pocket asking him to behave properly.He later expressed his displeasure over the collector KV Singh’s absence on the occasion. Minister Sisodia also said on the phone to the collector that despite the protocol, the complaints of not coming to him will be csent to CM and PS. Apart from this, the Minister expressed his displeasure over the absence of registration of eligible people in the Sambalal scheme and asked the collector to improve the functioning of the officers of the labour department.
Earlier, the Minister also questioned the functioning of Labour Officer Sudhir Kamal, who was present on the spot, in a strict tone warning that if there was a mistake, I would suspend you.
Apart from this, the minister sought evidence of air surgical strikes from the Central Government during the discussion with the media. He said the the Modi government failed in the matter of Kashmir problem.