BJP MLA catches fire while burning Digvijaya Singh’s effigy

Vidisha: The BJP leaders have started the agitation over congratulatory thanks to Pakistan and Imran Khan by the former CM Digvijay Singh and the statements about seeking evidence of an Air Surgical Strike. BJP legislators and other office bearers blew the statue of Digvijay Singh at Madhavganj on Sunday evening. Meanwhile, there were flames in the statue. To avoid the flames, the BJP MLA Harising Sapre was in the forefront. During the retreat, MLA Sapre fell from dharma in the cobbler shop. Although they tried to handle the BJP workers but by then they fell behind. They have not suffered any more.
Before the effigy of combing, BJP leaders in their statement have even said that the same action should be taken against such people against the separatists who are terrorists. On Saturday the Labor Minister, Mahendra Sisodia, had demanded evidence of the surgical procedures of the air. Nagarpalika president Mukesh Tandon had said that Digvijay Singh has praised Imran Khan and lowered the power of the Indian Army.