EOW to probe Rs 9 crore bungling in name of online exams during BJP rule

Major discrepancies found in the investigation 2. the committee submitted report to the Chief Minister
Bhopal, March 4, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): In Makhanlal Chaturvedi National Journalism University (MCU), all the efforts were taken to oblige people belonging to a particular ideology during BJP rule in Madhya Pradesh . In addition to the academic works, crores of rupees were also forgery. This fact has come out in Chief Minister Kamal Nath’s report of the committee set up to investigate the disturbances in the university.
The committee has submitted its report to the Chief Minister. Now the matter is being considered for submission to the EOW for investigation. Report was prepared by Committee Chairman M Gopal Reddy (ACS Public Relations) and member Sandeep Dikshit and Bhupendra Gupta.
Books printed, not spent Rs 1.07 crores: University spent more than Rs.17.7 crore in the name of research in linguistic journalism. The project was to be completed in five years, but the books were not printed and the amount was spent.
6.86 lakh in the name of ‘Knowledge Sangam’ program: University has paid Rs. 6.86 lakh for organizing ‘National Knowledge Sangam’ program. Not only this, at the organizing of a social workshop held by ABVP, Rs 3 lakh on food. Paid for 1.50 lakhs were spent only after the invitation was printed. 1 lakh was paid in the name of the receipt of the guests, the card could not be made available when the committee asked to make its card available.
1600 rupees for liquor: A bill of 1600 rupees has also been detected by the India International Institute for the record-breaking records of the committee. The committee has written in the report that this payment was made by former University Vice-Chancellor BK Kuthiyala.
Grave irregularity in professorship appointments: The API (Accredited Performance Index) of those who were given jobs in Professor and Assistant Professor in the University was not investigated. The committee has expressed serious objection to not following this rule. In the case of Prof Rakesh Sinha (BJP media spokes person) who has a degree in Political Science, it was found that he did not take classes for a single day even though he was paid salary from 13th October 2017 to 14 March 2018.
The committee also received such complaints that over 40 crore rupees was spent on the construction of campus of the under construction university at Bisankhedi. The Committee has been recommended to investigate this matter.
In the name of the university’s online examination, an institution of Nagpur was paid 9 crores, whereas this examination could be done in less amount from the institution of Bhopal. The committee found that the number of students in any course was not enough so that such a large amount could be paid.