Loan waiver proved big support for small farmers in Madhya Pradesh

Bhopal, March 4, 2019 (Ataullah Faizan): The small farmers of the state acknowledge that the loan waiver scheme introduced by the state government has proved as a big support at the time of major crisis. Some farmers envisage Jai Kisan Fasal Wrin Maafi Yojana in the form of blessing and believe that if it was not introduced then the crisis becomes more deepen because of the debt.
Ajab Singh, a farmer of Talod village of Dewas district had taken a loan of Rs. One lakh 60 thousand from the Jamgod Cooperative Society. He was worried how the debt will be settled. Meanwhile, the Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath has started the loan waiver scheme and his entire loan was waived off. Similarly, Kripal Singh, a farmer of Harnavda village of Dewas too had taken a loan of Rs. 78 thousand from the Cooperative Society of Budlai. He could not receive a good yield and not even repay a loan but the debt waiver scheme saved him from getting entangled in debt trap. They both say that the government has saved us from the crisis.
A small loan of Rs. 49 thousand was taken by Gangaram, a farmer of Bijala village-Badodiya tahsil of Shajapur district, he was worried about loan repayment. After the loan waiver he is planning again for cultivation. Gangaram says that the government has freed me and my family from the anxiety.
The debt of Rs. One lakh of Ramlallu of Singrauli district has been waived off. He says that the state government has taken a right step at the right time. Several farmers like me were in debt and now they are planning further for cultivation. Ramllalu says that many farmers like him were thinking to obtain a new loan but were upset that they will not be eligible for new loans unless they pay the old loan. Now we all are happy and have engaged ourselves afresh in cultivation with new zeal.
The members of the Solanki family, which resides in Badwah of Gogawan tahsil of Khargone district was in trouble owing to the old loan. Lakhan and Ramchandra, the two members of the family were in debt of Rs. One lakh 15 thousand and Rs. 88 thousand respectively. They were not feeling comfortable to live under the debt. Lack of good farming and low production was causing delay in repaying the loan. Now the entire family is appreciating the step of loan waiver of the state government. Lakhan says that this step of the government has saved us from the crisis.
Ganesh Singh, a farmer of Khanugaon-Multai of Betul district is very happy now because his loan of Rs. 61 thousand has been waived off. Parma Bihari, a villager of the nearby Malegaon says that the debt was small but was troublesome. We were not able to repay the loan as we need the money to make our both ends meet. Gradually, a small debt of Rs. 29 thousand became a burden. Now the anxiety is totally over.