Proceedings and suggestions will be taken on complaints: Minister Mr. Aqueel

Bhopal, March 5, 2019 (Ataullah Faizan): Minister of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Shri Arif Aqueel today said at the Self-Employment Conference iat Iqbal maidan here, to make employment opportunities available to unemployed and to self-employment, is the motive of the state government. He said that the state government has been alerted to establish industries in the state that 70% of the local people should be provided jobs in industries.
Mr. Aqueel said that the ban on autonomy for self-employment has been removed on loan. Shri Aqueel said that action and suggestions on the complaints of youth, unemployed will be implemented. They can inform the government through
the portal.
Minister Mr. Aqueel inaugurated the jobsinmp portal in the conference. Distributed credit acceptance letters and cheques of 2 crore 92 lakh to beneficiary youths and inspected various stalls.
Chief Secretary Mr. KC Gupta gave information about various self-employment schemes. He said that through the portal the industry and unemployed workers will be available on the same platform. The portal will work as a match-making.
In the conference, youth entrepreneurs Shri Ankit Yadav, Shri Rishabh Saxena, Ms. Chitra Thakur, Shri Rehman Ali and Mr. Hemant Shekhar shared the experiences of establishing and making the industry.
Minister Mr. Akil invited the youth to give their problems and suggestions on the forum. The young man Mr. Sumit Tiwari told that he wants to set up the Masala industry. For this, approval has been received, but due to changing the bank manager, they are not getting the loan. The Chief Secretary, Mr. K. K. Gupta said that soon consulting with the collector and the bank will be resolved. The portal will work for match making for youth and msme units