Not Mantralaya, but Panchayats run Government: CM Shri Kamal Nath

1. Implementation procedure to be reviewed to make schemes efficacious 2. Meeting of CEOs of Jila and Janpad Panchayats held
Bhopal, March 5, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): The Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath has said that government is run by panchayats not by mantralaya. Panchayat system serves as a nucleus for implementation of schemes and programmes. Implementation of good schemes should be virtuous, otherwise they will fail. He further mentioned that the procedure of the implementation of schemes will be reviewed to make the schemes more result oriented.
The Chief Minister told the Chief Executive Officers of the Jila and Janpad Panchayats that they should provide suggestions in context to the present time by reviewing the method of the implementation of schemes. Do not act as participants in the government but work as associates. Shri Nath was addressing the meeting of the Chief Executive Officers of the Jila and Janpad Panchayats at Academy of Administration here today.
Shri Kamal Nath stated that the economy of our country and state is linked to the villages. Therefore, rural area is in focus. Panchayaraj is an axis of this and hence the responsibility for the successful implementation of government’s schemes lies with the CEOs of the Janpad Panchayats and Panchayat Secretaries. He asserted that there are several schemes, which had been prepared 15 to 20 years back. They cannot be implemented today as it is. There is a need to bring changes in those schemes. Referring to the MNREGA and Prime Minister Rural Road Scheme, Shri Nath said he himself had been connected with these schemes. Several improvements were made as regard to the execution of these schemes, when they were prepared by him during the UPA government. He further mentioned that the time has changed; hence they should also suggest the government what kind of changes should be brought in the procedure of implementation to ensure maximum benefit to the rural areas.
Set target for best execution
The Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath has said that the implementation systems of government’s schemes and programmes will be reviewed and surveyed. Points like what changes could be brought in the old schemes, how we could benefit maximum number of people by the schemes will be the base of the Survey. Describing the Janpad CEOs as a link between the people and the government, Shri Nath said that they are responsible to ensure changes in the execution of schemes.
Ensure better use of rural areas’ budget
The Chief Minister mentioned that whether it is a budget of the state or country, a major part of the budget is spent on rural development. The main profession of the rural areas is agriculture. We have to contemplate too on how to increase the purchasing power of the farmers. Loan waiver is not a permanent solution, it is a relief. We have to think how to utilize the excess production of the farmers because with this alone we can double their income and can enhance the purchasing power. Several small economic activities are linked with the purchasing power of the farmers, which provides employment to the people. You all will have to discharge this significant responsibility to ensure transformation of this challenge into success.
Water Conservation is a big challenge
The Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath has said that the availability of water will be the major challenge in the next 10 years. There is a need to make special efforts in this regard. We will have to bolster water harvesting system, he added.
Roads not only facilitate convenient transportation but investment too
Shri Kamal Nath further mentioned that roads of rural areas not only facilitate convenient transportation. Roads facilitate several kinds of investments and become medium of employment for the people. We should derive benefits out of these opportunities.
Work as associate of government
The Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath stated that the Government mechanism has changed today in Madhya Pradesh. A new development oriented –people oriented administrative system with new thinking and vision is being established in the state. We have set a target to provide better living environment to each person of the state along with the food, water and housing facility. CEOs have to cooperate in this new system. We are committed to make a new roadmap of development of Madhya Pradesh. Not only you participate in this but work as an associate of the government.
The Minister for Panchayat and Rural Development Shri Kamleshwar Patel said that the important responsibility of comprehensive development of 70 percent population of the state lies with the CEOs of the Jila and Janpad Panchayats. A planned concept of development should be executed at ground level. There is a need for working in effective manner in this connection.
Moreover, Shri Patel stated that the Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath has a clear vision that the government has been formed for welfare of the people. Therefore, all the organizations connected with the Panchayats have a responsibility that they should redress grievances of the rural areas at their own level so that people of the rural areas should not wander around. Furthermore, he told for establishing better coordination between the schemes and various economic activities. Shri Patel mentioned that the state government is working for strengthening of Three Tier Panchayat system. In this series, at the initiative of the Chief Minister the order for increase in voluntary fund of Panchayat’s Office Bearers has already been issued. The incomplete work of various schemes of the rural areas should be completed on priority, he added.
The Additional Chief Secretary Smt. Gouri Singh elaborated on the departmental achievements. Similarly, the CEOs of the Jila and Janpad Panchayats informed about the successful implementation of rural schemes in their respective areas. The Chief Minister also released a book focusing ‘River Revival’, on the occasion.