Appeal process in Jai Kisan Crop Loan Waiver Scheme fixed

Appeal Committee declared at district and subdivision level 2. Appeal to be resolved in three months
Bhopal, March 6, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): The state government has fixed the process of appeal submission to bring transparency in the Jai Kisan Crop Loan Waiver Scheme. Appellate cases will be resolved in a maximum period of three months in the Appeal Committee declared at the district and sub-division level. All appeals related to financial expenses will be sent to the district collector by the sub-divisional appeal committee. In a letter to the district collectors, Principal Secretary, Farmers Welfare and Agriculture Department Dr. Rajesh Rajoura has apprised them with the appeal process of the scheme.
The Sub-Divisional Officer (Revenue) has been made the Chairman in the Divisional Appeals Committee. Officers of Cooperative Committee nominated by the Sub-Divisional Officer, Farmers Welfare and Agriculture Development will be members of the Committee. In the District Level Appeal Committee, the District Collector has been appointed as the Chairman of the Committee while Deputy Director, Farmers Welfare and Agriculture Development, Deputy Registrar / Assistant Registrar, Co-operative Societies and Lead Bank Manager have been made members.
The appellant will have to get the appeal typed on plain paper and submit it at the office of the Sub-Divisional Officer (Revenue) of the division, in which the bank branch of the division is concerned with the case of loan waiver in the Jai Kisan Crop Loan Waiver scheme. The appellant will have to attach copy of the records of agricultural land records (copy of Khasra and loan book), copy of records of acceptance of crop loan of bank branch, receipt of green / white / pink application under Jai Kisan Crop Waiver Scheme and copy of Aadhaar card filled along with his application.
Process of Appeals Dismissal
A factual note will be received from the concerned bank branch by the committee on appeals submitted to the committee constituted under the chairmanship of the Sub-Divisional Officer (Revenue). In addition, all the information available in connection with the case from the log-in provided separately by MP-ONLINE on the portal will be perused, tested and analyzed. After this, the appeal will be settled within three months of submission by written order.
All such cases approved by the sub-divisional level committee in the appeal will be sent to the district collector by the Sub-divisional Officer (Revenue) which includes financial expenses. The collector will make the financial arrangements in all such cases and ensure entry from the collector login on the portal. In addition, such cases will be submitted to the District Level Implementation Committee for apprisal.
In case of distress due to the order passed in the appeal of the Sub-Divisional Officer (Revenue), an appeal can be made to the collector’s office in the period of one month of the issuance of such order by the applicant. On receipt of such appeal, the collector committee will pass the order in accordance with the scheme provision in three months, by passing order as per law. The decisions passed in the second appeal will also be submitted to the District Level Implementation Committee for apprisal.
Process of loan waiver continues
The process of loan waiver of beneficiary farmers under the Jai Kisan Crop Loan Waiver Scheme is in progress all over the state. The process has arrangement of transparent provisions of display of lists, receipt of green/white/pink applications, data punching work of applications, verification of data punching in bank branches, provisional claims in bank branches, final claim by collector in collector login, aadhar seeding and verification of loan accounts etc. List of all loan waiver cases approved at district level are being displayed/pasted in each gram panchayat.
Points for Appeal
Any farmer can present his appeal before the committee constituted in the chairmanship of Sub-divisional Officer (Revenue) in the following circumstances:-
1. The appellant is eligibile as per the provision in the scheme but his name and loan account have not been taken in the process of loan waiver.
2. The appellant has been sanctioned less amount than the eligibility as per the scheme’s provision.
3. The proceedings of the loan waiver have been postponed or cancelled due to the bank’s objection in the process of acceptance.
4. In the event of the appellant having more than one loan account, loan sanction has been approved in the loan account, in the event of acceptance of the fixed priority order in the scheme provisions during acceptance.
5. The bank branch has not issued “No-Dues Certificate” in the event if indebtedness in the bank branch on the profit loan account of the NPA / timeless loan scheme.
6. Procedural error is being made by the bank branch to determine the legal heir on the death of the loan account holder.
7. The amount from RTGS / NEFT has not reached the sanctioned case in the loan account of the beneficiary farmer.
8. Amount from RTGS / NEFT has been deposited in the wrong bank account in the sanctioned cases.
9. There was an error in canceling the loan waiver on the loan case.
Process of Appeals Submission