BJP MP beats MLA with shoe in meeting, MLA also slaps him

Sant Kabir Nagar. District Executive Committee meeting was held on Wednesday in the collectorate under the leadership of Uttar Pradesh Minister Ashutosh Tandon. During this, there was a dispute between BJP legislator Rakesh Baghel and BJP MP Sharad Tripathi for not mentioning names on the plaque. The situation became such that MP Tripathi beat the MLA Baghel with a shoe. The video of this incident is getting viral.
The legislator also slammed
The MP hit the legislator seven times. After this Vidalak Baghel slapped him twice. A panic like situation was witnessed in the meeting due to the blows. Later the police and administrative officials separated the two.
The members of the committee were presenting the proposal in the meeting. The name of the MP Sharad Tripathi was not written on foundation plaque of a project. Seeing this, MP flared up. In-charge minister Ashutosh Tandon tried to calm down the MP and the MLA, but by then the MP had started beating the MLA with shoe. Local people say that there is a lot of confusion between MP and MLA for a long time.
Akhilesh Yadav tweeted on this incident: Exchange of blows with shoes between BJP MPs and MLAs who claimed the world’s most disciplined political party was witnessed. This is the frustration of the BJP fearing its defeat in the coming elections. The truth is that the BJP is not getting candidates to contest the Lok Sabha elections.