High court rebukes Gwalior Corporation, said- If officials do not work, then court will punish them

Bhopal, March 12, 2019 (Ataullah Faizan): The Gwalior bench of Madhya Pradesh High Court has expressed concern over the poor performance of Gwalior city In the cleanliness surve. The High Court said that there is a dump of dirt in Gwalior, cleaning of the drain and sewer is not being done. Hearing on a PIL on Monday, the High Court has shown sternly. The the municipal corporation that if your officials do not work then we will start punishing them. After the dengue in the city, the corporation also reprimanded the swine flu outbreak and has sought report regarding its prevention till next week.
Gwalior at number 59
After coming to the top ten in Sanitary Services, this time Gwalior could not retain the position of 2018. During the sanitation survey, during the last year, about one thousand sanitary workers spent an additional three months, spent more than Rs 5 crore, but dropped below the rank of 31 in the ranking. Last year, it was 28th, even after spending about 30 crore rupees this time, the sanitation survey has reached 59th place on the report.
More than 30 crore expenditure, the result is zero
In the name of the city’s cleanliness system, the Municipal Corporation spent more than Rs. 30 crores in the last six months. Despite this, neither the Dor-to-Door Trash Collection was started in all the wards nor did dustbins be imposed in the markets by eliminating waste. Claiming nightly cleaning in the markets. But in the ranking list of clean cities released last Wednesday, the Union Ministry of Urban Development has denied all these claims.
Citizen feedback is good, backward in services
This time, Gwalior got only 3147 out of 5000 marks. The special thing is that it has given great support to the people of the city. This has given the Citizen feedback good marks. But in the case of the services given by the corporation, we were far behind. The highest loss is on the rating of 850 points and not reaching the ODF Plus-Plus. Apart from this, 375 points have not happened since the landfill site is not operational.