Vyapam may pose problems for BJP during LS elections

Indore. March 12, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): The scandal can be a problem for the BJP before the Lok Sabha elections. After the removal of the security guard of Whistle Blower Dr. Anand Roy and Prashant Pandey of the state’s most talked about scandal, he has accused SSP Ruchi Vardhan Mishra of having secured security at the behest of former Chief Minister Shivraj Singh. Not only that, Rane and Pandey have also told to give legal notice to the SSP while defying the high court’s contempt on the removal of security guards.
Anand Rai and Prashant Pandey reached the DIG office on Tuesday and told the media that SSP Ruchivardhan Mishra had snatched the security guard from him. While they got this security on the instruction of the High Court.
At the same time, Prashant Pandey said that the SSP removed the security which was given to us without any authentic reason. Many times we have been attacked. So far 50 people have died in the occupation. A few days ago, some people involved in the scam have also been attacked in UP. Since we have both whistle blowers of this scam in the state, the court gave us security.
Rai had said that SSP Interest Vardhan Mishra is the adoptive daughter of former CM Shivraj Singh, on the day of his appointment, we had a fear that he would take revenge from us. They have removed our security guards without orders. For this, I have also sent a legal notice to the SSP.
Rai said that the High Court Indore had ordered me to guard for safety, when the order was shown to the SSP, they started asking that it has written that it has to be given 24 hours security. Would they be taught to tell them that security is given for 24 hours only, not 7 or 8 hours? One of my guards I got from PHQ and given at the DIG level. On this he also denied the guard given by former DIG. This is directly contempt of the High Court.
They were given locally at the level of the security personnel. They are removed when the code of conduct is felt. This action has been taken as per this. He has applied for his security thread. We are reviewing him. After the review, we are sending their res present to the police headquarters. I have not received any notice about the contempt of court yet.