Body of woman Sub Inspector found in bathroom, was posted 4 days ago in Kotwali

Seoni} The body of the woman Sub Inspector, who was posted in the city Kotwali, was found in the bathroom of the house. Four days earlier, the posting was done in Kotwali of the deceased. For Two days she did not even come on duty. At the moment, police filed the case and started investigations. The cause of death in preliminary investigation is being said to slip and fall in the bathroom.
According to the information, Sub Inspector Sonia Rajput was staying in rented houses in Khyri Tech area of ​​Seoni with her husband. Husband was away with some work and when he called Sonia, she did not respond, husband continued calling for two consecutive days. But the wife did not raise the phone.
On Monday evening, when the husband returned home, he knocked on the door. When Sonia did not open the door for a long time, the husband reached the door by breaking the door. There he saw that Sonia has died in the bathroom. The husband informed the police. The body is being told two days old. No gold notes have been found in the room.
The feet were numb
It is being told that SI Sonia often lived in the house and in the T-shirt. The police got their dead body in the same dress. There was a disease in his leg, which caused the feet to numb. Sonia was about to go to Bhopal to treat her leg on Tuesday with her husband