SDO shoos dog to bite servant, death during treatment, case under sec 302 filed

Bhopal, March 13, 2019 (Ataullah Faizan): PWD SDO RK Markat and his driver Pritam Umariya, who were posted in Morena shooed their dog to bite servant Harjeet Singh Kushwaha (48) who had refused to cook meat for them. After one month of treatment, the servant died.
On the petition of the servant’s wife, the court has ordered the case of murder against SDO and driver. City Kotwali police on Tuesday registered a case of murder and hiding evidence against SDO and its driver.
Harjeet Singh Kushwaha was a laborer in department. His duty was on the SDO bungalow. He used to clean the utensils apart from making meets for SDO and his driver, Pritam. One day the SDO and driver left the pet dog on Harjit for refusing to make meat.
Dreaded dog made many wounds from teeth on the body of Harjeet. Harjeet was admitted to the district hospital in critical condition. He was treated for nearly a month. He died on August 6, 2016
The wife of the deceased, Ramkali filed a libel in the court against SDO and its driver. On the basis of the same libel, the City Kotwali police on March 12 filed Section 302 against the accused SDO Markat and his driver Pritam, murder and evidence under Section 302, 34, 201, 506, 120-B against SDO and driver. The case of concealment has been registered.