Direct international flights from Indore to Sharjah from March 31; time 3 hours and 10 minutes

Bhopal, March 13, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): First international flight from Indore to Sharjah will start from March 31. It will fly daily. Air India has issued a schedule proposal for the date and time and asked the airport administration to make necessary arrangements for the flight. Now by March 15, the team of immigration will inspect the Indore airport. After this, the booking of flights will begin when the DGCA gets the permission. Rental information will also be decided with booking. Air India will start the first international flight from Indore. Flight will come from Indore to Delhi. From here will go to Sharjah
As soon as the first direct international flight for Sharjah starts, Indore will also get another flight for Delhi. Passengers traveling from Indore to Sharjah used to go to Delhi or Mumbai. It took a lot of time. A large number of traders from the state including Indore also have to travel to Dubai.
They will benefit after the Sharjah flight starts, because Sharjah is about 30 km away from Dubai. Those who go to Abu Dhabi and Gulf country will also benefit. According to businessman Yogendra Jain, the first direct new flight is starting, it is a matter of joy. Although time for Indore from Sharjah to Sharjah is not as good. It would not be possible if any business wants to go back in the morning and return to the night.
Schedule will be: from Delhi to Indore, then will fly off to Sharjah
From Delhi to Indore, at 7.25 pm
From Indore to Sharjah, it will leave at 8.30 pm. Sharjah will arrive in 3 hours and 10 minutes (10.30 pm according to UAE time).
Everyday, at 3.50 pm, from Sharjah, will come to Indore.
From Sharjah to Indore, the flight will leave for Delhi at 4.50 in the morning. Will arrive in Delhi at 6.15 in the morning.
This gives two advantages. 1. Indore will get a new flight for Delhi. 2. Connecting from Indore to Delhi will not leave the flight seats.
Indoreans in Sharjah celebrated: Indore people living in the UAE celebrated after the announcement of a direct new flight from Indore to Sharjah. Ajay Kasliwal, convenor of Indori Group in UAE, said that the direct flight will benefit the people of the state, including Indore, who live there. Over 500 people, including Prem Bhatia, Amitabh Sharma, Rajiv Neema, were involved in this celebration.