LS Elections-2019: Provision for punishment and fine in case of violation of printing rules

Bhopal, March 14, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): The Joint Chief Electoral Officer Shri Rajesh Kaul in a meeting with operators and owners of printing press gave instructions that things that affect unity of the country and religious sentiments besides anything personal against the particular caste, sect, section and individual should not be printed because of the implementation of model code of conduct for the Lok Sabha Elections-2019. He further mentioned that a written application should be taken in advance for printing pamphlets, posters and banners and name of printer, publisher as well as quantity must be mentioned mandatorily on the printing material. No such kind of political publicity material should be printed which do not mention about the publisher and quantity.
Any individual will not get the election pamphlets and posters printed or published till the identity and declaration of the publisher should be signed and certified by them and to whom they know personally.
After the printing of documents, a copy of printed document must be sent at the proper time with a copy of declaration of the printed documents. If it is printed in the capital of the state then the printed document must be provided to the Chief Electoral Officer and if it is printed in district then it must be provided to the District Election officer. No election pamphlets or posters should carry appeal about relegion, language, caste, community or against the character of rivals.
In case of violation of rules, six months imprisonment or fine upto Rs. 2 thousand or both will be applicable. Printing presses are required to send the printed material to the publisher within 3 days under the section 127 K (2) of the Representation of the People Act 1951. In case of violation of the rules, the license of printing press can also be cancelled. Before beginning the work of printing of any election pamphlet and poster, the printer will obtain declaration from the publisher duly following the section 127 K (2) of annexure ‘K’ prescribed by the commission.
Printer will certify the material while sending it in either case to the Chief Electoral Officer or District Magistrate. At the time of printing the material, printer will produce its four copies and declaration obtained from the publisher within 3 days. Printers are required to give detail of printing paper and document along with the declaration of the printed material in Proforma KHprescribed by the commission.