Six year old child kidnapped and murdered at Satna in MP, ransom demanded after murder

Bhopal, March 14, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): The abduction and ransom business in the country is spreading. Only two days after kidnapping and killing of twins Shreesh and Priyal sons of oil businessman in Chitrakoot, another child was murdered after kidnapping in Satna. The latest incident took place in Rahikwara of Nagoud police station area. On Tuesday afternoon, 9-year-long Anutabh Bolai, who is a distant uncle, abducted six-year-old boy Shivkant Prajapati, from outside the house. After taking the child into the house, he strangled him with a rope half an hour later. After this, he wrapped the body in a plastic sack and threw it in a puddle just 200 meters away from home.
The police has recovered the body on Wednesday after confession by the accused. Shivakant used to read in KG-1. His father Rajesh Prajapati is a farmer. The reason for the incident is to be considered a family feud. ़
Phone for the ransom made through woman’s SIM
After the victim’s death, the victim called his uncle Indrajit to get Rs two lakhs. The police has arrested the 45-year-old woman Vidyadevi, who is accomplice in the incident. Vidyadevi had only given the SIM card to the accused, so that he could call for ransom.
After tracing the calls made for the ransom, the Nagod police caught Vidya Devi. In the inquiry, she told that her SIM is with Anutabh. The police picked up Anutabh in the night, but he was not ready to confess the crime. Eventually the police reached the pond with the help of Dog Squad on

Dead body was thrown in this pond

Wednesday, where the accused threw the dead body.
Demand to remove SP …
Former Speaker Rajendra Kumar Singh has demanded the removal of Satna SP Santosh Singh from the Election Commission. On Wednesday, Singh met Chief Electoral Officer VL Kantarao and handed over memorandum.
Question on police
– The accused was detained after six hours, but could not reveal the truth for 15 hours.
– Child kidnapping, ransom also was sought, then how to accept it only family rivalry
Family member killed child
Child kidnapping and murder has been done by family member. The police immediately took custody of the suspect. It will be decided that this case will be heard soon after the hearing is completed. -Vijay Kumar Singh, Director General of Police