Try to get support party men who contested as rebels in assembly polls: CM Kamal Nath at PCC meet

Bhopal, March 14, 2019 (Ataullah Faizan): Congress party, whcih was left behind touching the magic figure of the majority in the Assembly elections, does not want to repeat the previous mistake in the Lok Sabha elections. Due to this, the Chief Minister and the state Congress chief Kamal Nath told party officials that in order to win the party in the Lok Sabha elections, the assembly elections urged PCC members to get support party men who contested as rebels in assembly polls. He also called for efforts to bring BSP, SP, Gondwana, Republican Party members to Congress fold.
On Wednesday, Nath discussed with the party office-bearers the strength of the organization for one hour and talked of winning the victory in all the elections in the Lok Sabha elections. During the discussion, he said that the Congress was hoping to get 150 seats. But in the absence of getting ticket from the party, rebel candidates contested the election resulting in a big loss to the Congress reduceing the party to 114 seats in the election. It was revealed in the party survey that due to rebels, there was a loss of about 40 seats and the party’s candidates could not win.
Congress’s eye on the victory and defeat of these seats- Nath said, keep on every equation for victory Meditation
In the Congress party assembly elections, the responsibility of controlling the damages in the Gwalior-Chambal area was handled by MP Jyotiraditya Scindia, which resulted in the party getting 26 seats out of 34 seats. These results of the assembly elections are converged in the results of the Lok Sabha elections, the party is looking for victory over the four seats of Guna-Shivpuri, Murraya, Gwalior and Bhind seats in this zone.
The party suffered huge losses in Malwa Nimad in the Ujjain Lok Sabha, where Maya Trivedi and Rajendra Vashishta contested the election by rebelling and both the seats won the BJP. Similarly, in the Mahidpur seat, Congress rebel Dinesh Jain Bose received a lot of public support.
In Mandsaur Lok Sabha seat, the party rebels have severely damaged the party. In this Lok Sabha seat, the party is re-introducing an equation of victory. Out of the eight seats in this Lok Sabha, only Congress defeated Suvsara by 350 votes. In the other seven seats, he had mouth food. Samadhar Patel, contesting independently from Jawad, was heavily on the party candidate, although he lost the elections.
Only three seats under the Khandwa Lok Sabha, the party candidate Zuma Solanki, Sachin Birla and Narayan Singh Patel got the victory. In this, the party was harmed by the fallout of the party’s disobedience in the Independent. Similarly, from Burhanpur, the party’s Independent Surender Singh Thakur defeated the minister Archana Chitnis and won the election. Responsibility for controlling the damages in this Lok Sabha seat has been entrusted to party office bearers.
Congress has lost eight seats in the Rewa Lok Sabha seat. It won only two seats under the Satna Lok Sabha including Siddharth Kushvah and Neelanshu Chaturvedi. Congress lost the rest of the seats.
Panchayat and Rural Development Minister Kamleshwar Patel won from Sidhaval from Sidhi Lok Sabha seat. BJP won the remaining seats under this Lok Sabha