Horrific collision with bus shatters car, driver killed injured scattered on the road

Chhatarpur / Khajuraho (Madhya Pradesh). On Wednesday, around 11 o’clock on the Bamitha- Khajuraho main highway, near Hotel Clark, there was a fierce clash between the mini-tamps Traveler (Tourist Bus) vehicle and the Maruti Swift Dzire car. The bus collided with the car. The car got shattered badly. 13 people were lying on the road like cards. This confrontation was so fierce that a bone was removed from the car’s driver’s body and crossed the car seat. The condition of 8 people in the injured is critical, while 2 have been referred to Gwalior.
Car driver’s death
Tourists from West Bengal came to visit Khajuraho from the Tempo Traveler Vehicle. On Wednesday morning, around 11 o’clock this people were going towards Bamitha from Khajuraho with their vehicle. Only then Khajuraho resident Mukesh Rajak was returning to Khajuraho with his family in Maruti Swift Dzire. As soon as the two vehicles arrived near the hotel, they collided in high speed. After colliding with Maruti, the vehicle of the tourists hit the Tampo Traveler, a tree and then turned turtle. It was so fierce that the Maruti car was badly damaged. The next part of the tampo was badly damaged. The driver of the car Ganesh Raikwar died on the spot.
Bones hanging in the driving seat till night
Khajuraho resident Mukesh Rajak was coming to Khajuraho from Chhatarpur with his family in the car. His wife Droopdie Rajak, mother Santoshi Rajak, sister Savita Rajak was riding the car.
On getting information about the incident, the police force of Khajuraho police station and Bamitha police station reached the spot. All the injured were brought by Ambulance with the ASI of Khajuraho police station, Puran Singh Marvi, near Chhatarpur. Where everyone has been admitted.