Building the five departments stuck due to Code of Conduct at Indore

Indore: The building of the four departments sanctioned in the annual budget presented in this special meeting of Devi Ahilya University Council of Business has been stuck in the Code of Conduct. Not only this, the coloring of the Rs.3 crore cost will not be possible even after inspection of the upcoming National Assessment and Accreditation Committee. The reason is that due to the code of conduct, university tender can not be released. In such a situation, this whole process will now be done in June.
In fact, the university had to build a new building for the IIPs of Taxila area at a cost of Rs 4 crore. Not only this, the largest department of IMS was to build a new building at a cost of Rs 3 crore. The construction of the new building of the School of Social Science was also to be spent on 1 crore rupees. Three crores of rupees were also sanctioned for the new building of the Distance Education Department, the construction was also to begin with as well.
These work also got stuck
– Construction of Computerized Central Library with new and hightech facilities at a cost of Rs. 3 crores.
– Two-storeyed examination hall in Takshshila campus at a cost of one crore rupees.
– Building, record and computer room for 10 crores in Nalanda complex.
What is the effect?
In fact, it is possible to monitor the team of the noble in June-July this year. In such a situation, if the construction work was started on time and the work of Putting in all the departments of the Taxila area and the Nalanda campus at the cost of Rs. 30 crore would be very helpful. Especially, most of the projects are such that by showing the work, the good team could have tried for good points. Vice Chancellor Prof. Narendra Dhakad says that the work of Nek is going on. Will start the work of approved projects in the budget in the month of June.